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IT Asset Recovery

Maximize your benefit with our asset recovery solutions

We are re-markting
Router - Switches - Server - Storage - Firewalls -  Mainframes
of all well-known manufacturers


Recording of all important parameters

Value assessment

Determining the highest possible offer


Complete handling of the hardware disposal


Documentation and final accounting 

Hardware disposition as worry free all-in-one solution

Maximize the profit from the remarketing of your hardware with us.
Minimize the costs associated with decommissioning.
Meet all data your security and internal compliance requirements.


For the successful validation of your hardware we need an inventory with the most important information about the equipment. We would be pleased to support you in the systematic recording of the necessary data in order to keep the effort low.

Value assessment

We determine the best price for your hardware and give you an appropriate estimate. We use all national and international channels available to us to achieve the optimum for you. Hardware information for the valuation will only be passed on anonymously. You decide afterwards whether you want to assign us with the disposition of the hardware.


In order to further reduce the effort on your side, we are happy to take over the work associated with the decommissioning and adapt to your requirements.

  • Data destruction as per NIST 800-88 on site

  • Data carrier destruction as per DIN 66399​​ on site

  • Disassembly of hardware by experts

  • Secure packaging

  • Removal

Appropriate planning in advance to ensure that the work runs smoothly is a matter of course.


At the end of the disposal you will receive a final report. Depending on the service used, this can include different documents:

  • Takeover protocol

  • Data deletion protocol

  • Data carrier destruction protocol

  • Recycling certificate

  • Certificate of destruction

  • Final accounting

As a result, you are well prepared for possible audits and only need to decide on the use of the generated revenue.


How it works:


Whether you need some further consultation regarding your specific concern, want to identify and uncover possible benefits on site or just want to test us with a specific request:

Just let us know and we will get in touch with you

Sign quotation, statement of work, single or master agreement

We offer our services as one time undertaking, as a project with a clear definition of work including project management or as part of a long-term agreement to support your asset management and decommissioning  at the end of the life cycle.

Agree on scheduling and get the on-site work or pick-up done

For all on site activities we get in touch with you upfront to find the best schedule and procedure to get the work done in a fast and smooth way to decrease your effort as much as possible. If the activity takes place in a sensitive area of your site, an on site survey might be mandatory in advance.

Get your IT assets processed by us as determined

Depending on our agreement the processing of your surplus IT equipment might include onsite activities (e.g. dismounting, disk sanitization, removal of data carriers, packaging, etc.) and offsite activities (e.g. disassembly, removal of inventory labels).

Receive reporting, final statement and all required evidence

At the end of the activity your receive a reporting about all hardware processed and a final statement including the actual value of the hardware. For your records we will provide evidence like disposal certificate or data carrier destruction certificate in the form we agreed upon.

Decide upon allocation and application of funds

When not done before you can decide on how to allocate the financial return of the activity. Get it paid out to your company or enhance your business or reputation by requesting some additional service from us or donating some of the money to a charitable purpose. Let's discuss the different options.

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