IT-Transport and Relocation

We move your IT safe and reliable
From simple IT transport
up to the relocation of complete data centers
and critical infrastructure outside business hours


Concept and project management


Accurate completion of all preparatory work


Disassembly, transport and assembly by experts


Dismantling, disposal and recycling

Re-locations and transports from servers to complete data centers

We offer secure transportation and relocation of IT equipment including planning and project management in cooperation with your team

Planning / Project Management

For smaller transports and moves, we record the scope and define together with you all the work involved. If our experts are involved in the disassembly or assembly, we may need to carry out appropriate preliminary inspections in order to guarantee a smooth process. Finally, we will create a time and sequence planning as well as a communication matrix with you to ensure a smooth operation.

In the case of time-critical activities and re-locations of complete data centers, where the realization, including all preparations, reaches a certain extent and a high degree of complexity, our project management will be at your side. Your specialist departments can therefore concentrate on the diverse technical challenges of the move, while we take care of all facets of the physical move in close coordination with you.


As expected, the time and effort required to prepare a transport or relocation varies greatly depending on the particular situation. The number and size of the systems, the time frame, the need for protection and the scope of the accompanying removal work are the main factors that play a role here.

For a successful and smooth running of the IT equipment relocation, all necessary preparations must be completed. For larger projects, where we take over quality assurance and risk management as part of project management, we take care of progress control and the completion of the preparations. 


Exemplary tasks of preparation are listed here for some typical scenarios:

+ Transport of a few servers
+ Transport of confidential data carriers
+ Re-location of mainframes and heavy systems
+ Re-location of complete data centers


On the day of transport or relocation, our experts will carry out the planned activities in coordination with you. Depending on the type and scope of the work, the number of people involved varies, which makes exact planning and briefing in advance necessary. For comprehensive assignments, we always have a central point of contact as an interface to the technical departments and to coordinate our team on site. In the case of large moves with a tight time frame, we work in shifts to prevent exceeding working hours and errors due to tiredness.


In the case of larger transports or relocations, any necessary preparatory work ( closing off, taping, floor protection, etc.) must be undone afterwards. In the case of complete removals, sites often have to be dismantled to a certain extent. We are happy to take over the disposal of decommissioned IT equipment including data destruction and data carrier destruction, as well as the de-installation of existing infrastructure as part of our asset recovery service.


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