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netTerrain DCIM

Easy centralized visualization of your IT infrastructure

A modern platform for visualizing your IT infrastructure
effective - multi-user capable - browser based
from entire data centers to the network port
Easily create powerful hierarchical diagrams of your data centers, components and networks.
  • Physical documentation of your network and systems
  • Space- and Rackmanagement
  • Environmental monitoring (current and temperature)
  • Discovery and SNMP data collection
  • Asset management
  • Cable- and circuit management
  • Capacity planning and forecasting
  • Data connectors and integration
  • Logical documentation of your IT infrastructure
  • Network diagrams and mapping
  • Virtual and physical machine mapping
  • Versatile dashboard and reporting engine

10 reasons for netTerrain

Cost transparency

The simple licensing model based on objects allows a cost-effective and future-proof use without any unpleasant surprises.

Focus on the relevant

netTerrain offers all essential aspects of a DCIM and its easy handling. So you can stay efficient and focused.

Extremely simple modelling

Adapt existing device models, create new ones in minutes or receive them free of charge on request within two days.

Excellent usability

netTerrain increases your efficiency and supports you in current challenges instead of hindering you in your everyday life.

Versatile integration

Connect netTerrain to your existing asset management and monitoring systems and increase the ROI through synergy effects.

Granular security

Predefined or user-defined access roles control and restrict access on multiple levels for users down to the diagram level. 

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