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IT & Data Center Migration

Tailored services according to your requirements

Complete comprehensive challenges successfully
 Consolidation- Migration - Deconstrution
We are at your site with our experience


Concept and project management


Accurate completion of all preparatory work


Implementing with experience and commitment


Project completion and site deconstruction

Service tailored according to your requirements

Comprehensive migration and consolidation projects cannot be implemented within the daily business using the existing resources.

We provide you with everything you need.


For time-critical activities and relocations of complete data centers, where the implementation with all preparations reaches an appropriate extent and a high degree of complexity, we are at your side with our project management. We support you in the requirements analysis and business impact analysis, so that you can communicate the expected costs and effects of a migration to management and business clearly and at an early stage. We enable your technical departments to concentrate on the various challenges of the move.


Depending on the scope of the project, we support you in the preparations as required. The focus is on working closely with your specialist teams - it is the key to a delay-free and successful implementation for migrations under demanding conditions. Preparations include a variety of tasks that go far beyond normal day-to-day business and require additional resources.

+ Project management
  • Requirements analysis and implementation strategy

  • Project plan development

  • Resource planning & cost estimation

  • Time and schedule planning

  • Change Management & Risk Management

  • Coordination & quality assurance

  • Reporting

+ Current state recording and analysis
  • Documentation of the existing IT infrastructure

  • Identification of existing dependencies

  • Problem identification

  • Protection needs assessment

+ Technical planning
  • Creation of test plans and spare part lists

  • Creation of runbooks for system migrations

  • Time and schedule planning of the physical transports

  • Analysis & planning of the connection of the new location

  • Planning the structured cabling

  • Planning the racks at the new location

  • Planning of sub-floor work at the new location

  • Planning of electrical engineering work at the new location

+ Preparation of the new location
  • Execution of cabling work

  • Installation / adaptation of racks at the new location

  • Preparatory sub-floor work at the new location

  • Preparatory electrical engineering work at the new location

  • Spare parts inventory and scheduling of service technicians

  • Briefing of the moving team at both locations

  • Marking of all systems and cables according to the installation plan

  • Checking all devices for defects


For the actual migration, we include the coordination of the process, the technicians and the removal teams on the migration dates, as well as tests and trial runs in advance. The aim is to enable a smooth migration within the planned time frames without being blocked by existing but unidentified problems.  


Once migration is complete, sites are often to be dismantled to a certain extent. We take over the recycling of decommissioned IT equipment including data destruction and data carrier destruction, as well as the removal of existing infrastructure.


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