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IT Disposition 
and Asset Recovery

From the processing of your retired IT systems up to the dismantling of whole data centers

Asset Recovery

Maximum profit from recycling your hardware


Safe and fully compliant recycling

Data Destruction

Current state of technology also on site service


Disassembly of IT systems and up to entire sites

Our Services

Elektronics Recycling

Equipment with no resale or commercial value is disposed in accordance with official regulations (WEEE). For evidence and reporting purposes, the serial numbers of the disposed equipment can be checked, recorded and included in the disposal certificate.

Data Destruction

Hard disks and other media where physical destruction is required are safely shredded according to standards like DIN 66399 on-site or off-site. Evidence can be provided at different levels according to your requirements from simple serial number recording up to video proves

Project Management

We are happy to take over project management for migrations and consolidations as well as for projects with major physical changes such as dismantling, infrastructure relocation or hardware replacement. Together with your experienced teams and our special know-how, we lead projects to success.


The holistic approach

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Our claim is to let our customers experience more than a simple accumulation of services. Booking one of our service offerings separately will quickly fulfill a particular requirement, combining them is paving the way for advanced synergies and increased benefit realization. The guiding principle of sustainability in all aspects is completing the whole.

We handle our services end-to-end and provide required evidence
You have a defined SPOC, 
a clear point of transfer and
a defined result
Unser Anspruch
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