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Asset Recovery

Maximize your benefit with asset recovery solutions tailored to your needs

Moving to the cloud?

We liquidize your on-premise IT, disassemble racks and whole sites in a fast, clean, compliant and secure way

Our Mission: 

Who are we
Asset Recovery Process

With our expertise in Asset Recovery we complement your internal processes and make your hardware decommissioning and disposition even more efficient.

Minimize Effort
Mitigate Risks

We adjust our workflows to your internal proceedings and compliance specifications so you receive the evidence you require. Our lean processes and flexibility is our key strength.

Highest Benefit
for our customers

Achieve high financial return from your surplus hardware and Identify opportunities to further increase your benefit by utilizing our complementary services and products.

Our Services


Asset value recovery

We take care on your retired hardware and maximize the financial return. This service can include the disassembly of the hardware, secure data destruction, packaging and transportation. We customize the process according to your compliance requirements.

Electronics Recycling

Equipment without any resale or trade-in value and any other electronic waste will be disposed and recycled according to official regulations (WEEE). For evidence and reporting purpose serial numbers can be collected and included in the disposal certificate.

Disk shredding

Hard disks and other media where physical destruction is required are safely shredded according to standards like DIN 66399 on-site or off-site. Evidence can be provided at different levels according to your requirements from simple serial number recording up to video proves.

Data destruction

Data destruction is a mandatory activity in the decommissioning process and covers configuration wiping and media sanitization procedures as per NIST 800-88 guidelines as well as the removal of Asset tags and other labels on the devices. The exact procedures can be adjusted to your requirements.


We provide advice to further improve your IT asset disposition (ITAD) process. Contact us to discuss possibilities to improve the reverse logistic of hardware disposal, data security or optimization of asset value recovery. After a first analysis  subsequent inventory checks and process reviews and be conducted on a regular basis.

Benefit realization

We strive to form long-term and sustainable relationships with our customers to be involved in planned asset decommissioning at an early stage. Our complementary services and products combined with company wide agreements and service contracts open up additional  opportunities for benefit realization. 

Deinstallation and Removal

The reverse logistics of hardware decommissioning can introduce an additional workload on top of your daily work. We take care on disassembling and de-cabling your surplus hardware, full racks or even whole sites and make everything ready for transport. Modifications and refitting of the server room after removing racks can be included.  

Transport and Relocation

We relocate your hardware by just organizing the transport itself with our specialized transport team or go beyond and prepare the whole move including the cabling preparation, disassembly, transport and reassembly. Transports can be arranged on different security levels like basic, sealed, straight run or even guarded.

Why us

The holistic approach

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Our claim is to let our customers experience more than a simple accumulation of services. Booking one of our service offerings separately will quickly fulfill a particular requirement, combining them is paving the way for advanced synergies and increased benefit realization. The guiding principle of sustainability in all aspects is completing the whole.

We handle our services end-to-end and provide required evidence
You have a defined SPOC, 
a clear point of transfer and
a defined result

How it works

Request quotation, site survey or further consultation

Whether you need some further consultation regarding your specific concern, want to identify and uncover possible benefits on site or just want to test us with a specific request:

Just let us know and we will get in touch with you

Sign quotation, statement of work, single or master agreement

We offer our services as one time undertaking, as a project with a clear definition of work including project management or as part of a long-term agreement to support your asset management and decommissioning  at the end of the life cycle.

Agree on scheduling and get the on-site work or pick-up done

For all on site activities we get in touch with you upfront to find the best schedule and procedure to get the work done in a fast and smooth way to decrease your effort as much as possible. If the activity takes place in a sensitive area of your site, an on site survey might be mandatory in advance.

Get your IT assets processed by us as determined

Depending on our agreement the processing of your surplus IT equipment might include onsite activities (e.g. dismounting, disk sanitization, removal of data carriers, packaging, etc.) and offsite activities (e.g. disassembly, removal of inventory labels).

Receive reporting, final statement and all required evidence

At the end of the activity your receive a reporting about all hardware processed and a final statement including the actual value of the hardware. For your records we will provide evidence like disposal certificate or data carrier destruction certificate in the form we agreed upon.

Decide upon allocation and application of funds

When not done before you can decide on how to allocate the financial return of the activity. Get it paid out to your company or enhance your business or reputation by requesting some additional service from us or donating some of the money to a charitable purpose. Let's discuss the different options.

How it works

Sustainability is our guiding idea

Environmental Economic Social


Asset redeployment is the best way to reduce the environmental impact of hardware disposition.


Surplus hardware that is given a second life at another place is reducing the overall electronic waste volume.


If reuse is not an option hardware must be recycled according to regulations and standards to preserve rare materials and avoid the release of toxic substances.


The disposition and fast liquidation of surplus hardware will bring back some capital for your business.

To maximize your benefit we use all channels available to us and offer further possibilities to realize the benefit.

Prevent fines and loss of reputation by recycling  your hardware according to  official regulations and avoiding data leakage due to not properly sanitized media.


Become a part of our social responsibility program and donate some recovered asset value to charitable projects.

We support DZI or Phineo approved organizations and

projects that are focusing on support of Youth.

Projects that are favored by you as our customer are always welcome and can include internal facilities like a company kindergarten.

Join us and make a difference.

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