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blomiki is the exclusive Premier Partner of Graphical Networks in Germany

We join forces with Graphical Networks and are the only Premier Partner for the netTerrain product line in Germany.

With netTerrain you can document your IT infrastructure and complex interrelationships simply, visually and effectively. It is operated natively via the browser without Java, Flash or other plugins.

netTerrain Logical is the solution for documenting your IT infrastructure. You can create network diagrams, visualize application dependencies, create DRP plans and much more.

netTerrain DCIM also bridges the gap between logic and physics and enables detailed mapping of individual sites or entire data centers and their cabling.

netTerrain OSP aims with the GPS accurate representation of outdoor cabling at network providers who want to map their infrastructure with fiber accuracy with all nodes.

In future blog posts we will discuss the unique features of the solution and give recommendations for the appropriate application.


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