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Checklist Corona Virus: 10 actions for your IT operations

COVID-19 is spreading, events are being cancelled and there may be temporary closures of schools and increased homework in companies. Here are ten suggestions for preparing your IT infrastructure.

1. Functional remote login

Do all employees who can or may need to work from home have a login and have tested it?

2. Equipment available and functional

Do all employees who can or, if necessary, must work from home have the necessary equipment there (laptop, network access, token, etc.)?

3. Bandwidth

Is the bandwidth of your Internet or VPN connection sufficient for all the employees who need to connect? Here, a larger number of conference calls, increased file access and additional applications can result in much higher demand.

4. VPN capacity

Is your VPN solution designed for higher capacity? The corresponding licenses are often linked to bandwidth or the number of simultaneous sessions.

5. Terminal services

Do your employees work remotely via Terminal Services and are the server hardware and licenses prepared for a higher number of sessions?

6. Documentation

Is your IT documentation up to date and understandable for all people involved? If necessary, employees may not be able to come on site or may be absent completely - a quick check of the actual conditions on site may then be difficult.

7. Planned changes

Are there planned changes in the IT landscape that require an on-site presence? Can these be postponed or brought forward if necessary? Do you have alternative plans for changes that cannot be postponed?

8. Service providers

Have you made arrangements with your service providers how the service will be provided in case of a larger quarantine? Do your service providers protect their own personnel by taking appropriate action (e.g. home office)?

9. Shift planning

Do you work on site in shifts and have you made the appropriate planning? Employees with children in school or daycare/nursery might be absent earlier if there are temporary closures. Older employees may also be absent due to the higher risk.

10. business continuity planning

Do your BCP scenarios reflect the specific situation and do your employees have access to the necessary documentation and procedures? Do your employees know whom they can contact with questions?

Are you missing an important point or do you have any suggestions?

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